The Healthy Hangout

The healthy hangout is convenient food, made healthy.

We focus on using only unprocessed, protein rich ingredients that taste great.

We offer bespoke meal plans for almost anything, including weight management, recovery, or even just great tasting, quick and easy food.

We aim to help expand peoples’ awareness, and work with our customers to break habits and change the way they eat as well as their relationship with food.​

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The Family

Healthy hangout was born out of the need and frustration for healthy tasty food choices. After a break from the industry it was clear that this is where our passion and energy lie. We are an independent family run business with a mission to help people reach and achieve their goals
whatever that may be.

With us all living diverse and busy lives its sometimes difficult to fuel your body in the right way. Here at the healthy hangout our aim is to provide super healthy nutritious food along with making it “a way of life”.



We started using The Healthy Hangout to provide our clients with healthy whole food options to aid their body transformation programmes. We were looking for a company to take all the guess work out of their nutrition and provide them with a service so they didn’t have to stress about food and what to eat. The food is delivered three times a week and always looks and tastes amazing. We definitely get the service we are looking for from the guys at The Healthy Hangout. Our clients are dropping pounds in weight and feel fully satisfied and never hungry. We now send all our clients their way.

Mike Parsons, Owner, The Fitness Factory Cardiff

The Healthy Hangout is just what my wife and I needed. We live extremely busy lives and want to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle whilst looking and feeling good. My wife has a dairy allergy, which makes food choices very difficult for us. However, with Chef Adam’s expert knowledge and experience he has provided food that is not only nutritious and healthy, but tastes absolutely fantastic. The variety and selection of meals constantly changes, meaning we are never bored of the same meals. What’s more, all of the produce is fresh, meaning we have the highest quality of food every day. Since starting with the Healthy Hangout, not only do we feel better as a married couple (the honeymoon period does get you- it’s true!) but we’re more educated on food and it’s importance to be balanced and fresh. I will continue to use the Healthy Hangout.

Adam Camilleri